A Love Letter To Me

A Love Letter to Me

Do you take time out to tell yourself you are loved?

I found it can be easy to get caught up in the mundane flow of life to the point of neglect to ourselves.  We often look for love from outer energies, but the biggest love of all should be, how you love yourself.  If you don’t know how to love yourself, would you know how to receive it? 

One of the ways best for me to acknowledge and nourish this emotion of love within myself is to write a love letter to me.  Even when I don’t feel the greatest about myself, pushing through and writing this letter helps plant seeds. And what’s great about this is later when having one of those not so great moments, you can refer back to the letters you have written to yourself! Love after all is one of the greatest emotional frequencies.

What Does Love Letters Have To Do With Magick?

In Science the “love frequency,” is identified at 528 Hz.  This frequency relates to the note MI on the scale, which is also known as the musical note E and this tone originates from “MI-ra gestorum” in Latin this means “miracle.  This is the frequency they also use that helps repair your DNA, imagine that!

You have the power within you to magnify this frequency

and emit it out into the world.  Magick!

I know it can be difficult to write things about yourself that are beautiful, because most of the time it’s easier to beat ourselves up mentally. We are after all our worst critics, so this practice can help us overtime see the power of our individuality!

When you write your love letter, set the tone of romance.  Light a pink candle and turn on some Venetian music, the type of music that sends chills down your spend and touches the soul.  You can even think about doing this on a Friday eve, the day of Venus.  Pour yourself a glass of wine and get comfy, it’s all about you!. 

Check out this video! I often refer back to it when needed!

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