About Me

I am Aradia Arcanum, a practitioner of the occult arts and a spiritual mentor at the service of those who desire mentorship along the way.  

Elder in the Vampyre Community and the Founder of the Dracarys Dei Bloodline.

Some of my recent endeavors are working within the realms of The Dark Venusian Occult arts, where we work to awaken and embrace the dark divine serpent within.

Here on The Witch of Darklight website you will find a world of magic, blogs and a road to spiritual mastery.

As a YouTube creator I share my experiences in, Witchcraft, the Occult, the communication with Spirits and many forms of Energy Work.  

As the Magus of Dracarys Dei, we work toward building a community of empowered souls and giving them the tools for the path forward.

I am also an artist that loves to bring to life the beings and realms in my astral visions.

Find Me Here

The Witch of Darklight YouTube


Arcanums Darklight YouTube