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Aries Full Moon: The Hunters Moon

October 9th

The full moon for the month of October will be taking place in the zodiac of Aries.

I love when the full moon resides here because it’s charged with the influences of initiation and boy could I use some of that energy sometimes.

It brings that driving force along with other elements from the celestial bodies and the alignments at that time.

What is a Hunters Moon?

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It is said that the name, “Hunters Moon” came from Native American Tribes as this was the time where they gathered meat to last throughout the winter months.  

This is a full moon that comes at a time where we prepare ourselves for the darker days ahead, the season of winter.

The Full Moon of October 2022 in Aries, brings great energy to help steer us forward in achieving the task set out before us during this harvest season.

What are some ways to be in alignment with the Full Moon in Aries?

Whatever a full moon may bring, it is always best to be aware of it’s cycles and how each one affects us.  For each zodiac it will be more personal in whichever house placement it falls in your birth chart.

Below is a list of things we can do as a collective, especially by being prepared.

If you are currently feeling the intense energy of the full moon in Aries then you may need to calm the fires.  

Here are some ways to do so:

  • Drink calming teas.
  • Take cleansing baths.
  • Play classical soothing music.
  • Make sure you work on restorative supplements that are ok for you to take for your bodies health.  Look into herbal Adaptogens.
  • Write out all the to do list on a piece of paper and out of your mind.
  • Light a Blue Candle for Peace and Healing.

If you are needing this extra burst of energy to initiate some of your goals, then tapping into Aries during this time is perfect.

Here are some ways to do so:

  • Make sure you pay attention to your nutritional intake and supplements needed for that physical boost of energy and memory.
  • Play inspiration music like scores from movie soundtracks, that are sure to initiate inspiration.
  • Put a plan together and focus on a specific goal to achieve during this time.  Keep your eye on the prize.
  • Light a Red Candle to spark the Devine within you for that manifesting power.

Full Moon Blessing! May you initiate the power to manifest your goals!