Astral Projection and the Ritual Blend

This Astral Projection Ritual Blend was created to help induce astral travel and/or lucid dreaming.  If this is something you are interested in, both can be achieved with this blend of ingredients and ritual.  

What is Astral Projection?

Astral Projection or what some know it as Astral Travel, often an intentional out-of-body experience, offers a gateway to explore realms beyond our physical existence. While some may naturally experience astral projection, others seek to induce it through various means, including rituals and practices.

Similar to astral travel, Lucid Dreaming allows one to maintain awareness while traversing the dream realm, affording control over elements of the dream state. Both states of consciousness have historical roots, with the Theosophical Society coining the term “Astral Projection” in the 19th century.


Exploring Altered States: The Role of Hallucinogens

Notably, both astral projection and lucid dreaming can be induced by hallucinogens. However, there are alternative methods that do not involve ingestion, offering a safer and more accessible approach to these experiences.


Introducing the Ritual Blend: A Non-Ingestible Method

To facilitate astral projection and lucid dreaming, I’ve crafted a blend of dried botanicals designed for ritual use. This blend harnesses the power of ancient practices, such as shamanic journeys, without the need for ingestion.

The Blend:

– Mugwort
– Devil’s Claw
– Mullein
– Lavender
– Chamomile
– African Dream Root
– Frankincense Oil


Creating Your Sacred Space: The Ritual

Before bedtime, set aside a sacred space where you can perform the ritual undisturbed. Personalize your space with elements that resonate with you, such as music, candlelight, and incense.

Once your sacred space is prepared, light a charcoal disc in a cauldron or heat-safe bowl. After a minute, sprinkle a half teaspoon of the dried blend onto the charcoal. Use a smudging feather or equivalent to waft the smoke around you, cleansing and purifying your energy.

As you smudge, chant the words of your choosing or the following:
“As I surrender my mind,
to take this journey
Across the planes,
To the otherworldly,
I am protected
As I take this path
As I will it, the magick has been cast.”

After reciting the ritual words, take a few moments to sit in meditation. During this time, remain open to receiving insights or messages from the universe, as astral traveling may occur spontaneously.

When you feel ready, retire to bed and embrace the journey that awaits in your dreams.

Sweet dreams and safe travels await those who dare to explore the realms beyond.