Banishing Spells

Uncrossing Spell

The Uncrossing spell is used to remove any hexes, curses, or negative influences that might be affecting a person. It is performed to cleanse oneself or another individual from negative energy. 

To do this spell, you will need a black candle, 

Uncrossing oil, and Uncrossing herbs (such as hyssop, rue, or agrimony). 

Carve the person’s name or initials on the candle and anoint it with the Uncrossing oil, and roll it in the herbs. 

Light the candle while focusing on removing the negative energy. Call upon your guides, ancestors, or a higher power to aid in the uncrossing process and protect you from further harm.

Collect any leftover wax, herbs, and any other remnants from the spell. You can bury them away from your property or at a crossroads to symbolize the removal of the crossed conditions.

Fiery Wall of Protection

This spell creates a protective barrier around you or your space, guarding against negative energy and harmful influences. 

To perform this spell, you will need a white candle 

Fiery Wall of Protection oil, and a mixture of protective herbs such as bay leaves, angelica, and rosemary. 

Dress the candle with the oil, roll it in the herb mixture, and light it. 

As the candle burns, visualize a strong and protective wall of energy forming around you. Speak or think your intention clearly, asking for protection from negativity and harm. Let the candle burn out safely.

Collect any leftover wax and remnants: Gather the leftover wax, herbs, and any other remnants from the spell. Bury them in your yard or a potted plant on your property as a symbolic way of anchoring the protective energies.

Mirror Box Spell

The Mirror Box spell is used to reflect and send back negative energy or harmful intentions sent towards you. It’s a protective spell that acts like a “magick mirror” to bounce negativity back to its source. To perform this spell, you will need a small mirror, a box with a lid, black cloth or paper, and protective herbs like basil or bay leaves.

Begin by cleansing yourself and your materials using smudging or any other method you prefer.

Take the small mirror and visualize the negative energy being pushed back into the void of the mirror.

Next, wrap it in the black cloth or paper. This will symbolize the dark energy being trapped.

Place the wrapped mirror inside the box.

Add the protective herbs around the wrapped mirror. As you do this, focus on your intention to protect yourself from negative energy and send it back to its source.

Close the box with the lid and seal it with tape or tie it shut with a black ribbon.

You can further empower the spell by placing the box on your personal altar or a safe and sacred space.

Whenever you feel that negative energy or harm is being directed towards you, take the box and shake it gently while affirming your intention to send the negative energy back to its source.

Place the box back in its empowered spot until you feel the need to perform the spell again.

Release & Let Go of Fear Ritual- A Cauldron & Fire

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Bay Leaf Banishing Spell

Bay leaves are believed to possess protective and banishing properties, making them a useful tool to remove negative energy or influences.

Gather a few dried bay leaves. If you don’t have dried bay leaves, you can use fresh ones, but allow them to dry completely before proceeding with the spell.

Hold the bay leaves in your hands and take a few deep breaths to center yourself.

As you hold the bay leaves, visualize the negative energy or influences that you want to banish. Imagine them becoming trapped within the leaves. (you can also write the targets name on the bay leaves)

Speak your intention out loud or in your mind. For example, you might say, “I banish all negativity and harmful influences from me. May they be trapped within these bay leaves and removed from my energy.”

Once you have clearly stated your intention, take each bay leaf and crush it in your hands. As you do this, feel the negative energy breaking apart and becoming trapped within the leaves.


Take the crushed bay leaves, gather the pieces and place them in a fire-safe container, such as a metal cauldron or a small ceramic dish.

Safely light the bay leaves on fire using a match or a lighter.  As the leaves burn, visualize the negative energy being released and transmuted into positive, protective energy.

You can also say a closing affirmation or prayer, expressing gratitude for the cleansing and protection that the spell has brought into your life.

Allow the ashes to cool completely, then scatter them outside in nature, symbolically returning the transformed energy to the universe.

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