Casting Circles

In Your Spiritual Practice

Casting a Circle – Means you are closing a circle (Sphere) around your space to contain the magic that will be done within it.  

Keeping out any interference that may affect what is done within the circle.

Once the Circle has been created this is the time for you to meditate, cast spells, for anything that pertains to your spiritual workings.

Closing The Circle

The Circle will be cast with the Spirits of the Elements. 

East/Air: “I call to the spirits of the East, spirits of Air. Hail and welcome!”

South/Fire: “I call to the spirits of the South, spirits of Fire. Hail and welcome!”

West/Water: “I call to the spirits of the West, spirits of Water. Hail and welcome!”

North/Earth: “I call to the spirits of the North, spirits of Earth. Hail and welcome!” 

Casting the Circle

I now cast this circle three times round. 

To stand between the worlds and create sacred ground. 

To protect and keep all within safe from harm. 

To hold in our energies, magic, and charm. 

The circle is now cast, so mote it be!”

Opening The Circle

(When opening the circle everything is done in reverse)

“Spirits of the North, South, East & West,. We give thanks for your protective presence. Thanks & Farewell

Taking Down the Circle

I now undo this circle three times round. 

To return the sacred to mundane ground.

To release all that kept us safe from harm. 

To release our spells, magic, and charm. The circle is open, but never truly broken. So mote it be!”

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