Lunar Rituals and More!

Live Ritual Magick to tap into the magical energies of the celestial cycle of the Moon.

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For The Events

You will receive:

A Pdf which provides information and instructions for the ritual event The Zoom Link for the Event

What to expect:

Meet and Greet
Creating a sacred space
Ritual Prep
Cast the Magick
Closing of the ritual 

After the ritual close it's time to toast to the evening and share magical experiences.

Tapping into the lunar cycles each month holds spiritual significance as it allows us to align with the natural rhythms of the universe, fostering a deeper connection to ourselves, the Earth, and the cosmic forces at play. The moon, with its ever-changing phases, serves as a powerful symbol of transformation, renewal, and emotional energy, offering us an opportunity to embrace introspection, release what no longer serves us, set intentions, and manifest our desires in harmony with the celestial energies that surround us. By attuning ourselves to the lunar cycles, we open ourselves to a profound sense of spiritual awareness, intuition, and inner guidance, ultimately fostering personal growth, healing, and a harmonious balance between our inner and outer worlds.

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