How To Create A Magickal Life – The Mundane to Magick

How To Create A Magickal Life - The Mundane to Magick

In our mundane lifestyles it is said that the first meal of the day is the most important, because it is the meal that sets the tone of the day and gives your body the fuel that is needed. 

Whether it’s your favorite smoothie, cereal or eggs and protein, these things will help your body perform its task.  And in many cases our first meal is not so healthy in the way it provides nutrition to our bodies, which can also aid in an unproductive day.

We have grown quite a custom to our mundane daily rituals, all that needs to shift is the thought process and giving it the intent.

Way's to turn the Mundane into Magick

  • Making that cup of tea or coffee while visualizing positive, productive and even protective energy; the list goes on of all the ways you can implement ritual spirituality into your lives.
  • Your bath or shower, this is a time to visualize washing away what does not belong, meaning cleanse yourself with spiritual intent. See in your mind’s eye the mass of negative energy washing away.
  • A glass of water in the morning and as you pour it, visualize a productive, prosperous and fulfilling day.

things that affect your magick

What knowledge we ingest and what daily rituals we take part of in our lifestyles affects us tremendously.

Our bodies need specific vitamins and minerals for it to perform at its optimal level. Without the proper intake of what is needed there is chaos within and not enough fuel provided. 

This is where your body lacks the energy or strength to fight off anything foreign to your internal environment.  

What happens is your external is simultaneously affected by this, meaning because of the lack of fuel, when negative thoughts invade your mind with discouraging words, you give into that feeling.  

This in turn creates a lower frequency of energetic flow, therefore removing the ability to create magick which provides a magickal life.

Your Magickal field of energy

We also have a Biofield (https://www.biofieldscienceandinterventions.com/definitions ) of energy around each of us, shaped by our environment, among many other things. 

This energy field needs the proper nutrition just the same. What I mean by this, is what we feed and surround ourselves with energetically affects us greatly spiritually.

Your spiritual practice

Having a spiritual ritual practice is important for the health of our own Biofield, as it too will help set the tone of your day, the same as your first meal may provide.  

Something as simple as taking a few minutes to repeat an affirmation and fill the air with your sacred incense or aromatic sprays with intention can alter the energy of the day for your good. This in a way is self care that is a major part of healing things that are out of balance, caused by our daily interactions with different energies and some traumatic experiences.

What are some of your ritual practices that Create a magickal life?

For myself, I have grown to love the ritual of incense and meditations with music and different vibrational tones to set my intentions for the day.  When I roll out of bed on the wrong side, the minute I set my daily ritual routine in motion, I ascend to a place where I feel renewed.

I also have come to love my morning drink ritual with coffee or tea. As I stir my coffee/tea I visualize the outcome of the day that best serves my greatest purpose. Magick in my morning cup!

I hope you are able to set the tone of the day with your own unique spiritual ritual practices. 

This puts me in the mind of the phrase, “If you build it, it will come”.

Check out this video as I make my magical cup of coffee!

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