Leo Full Moon Spell

This Leo Full Moon is coming with some big Karmic Activating energy! Being able to receive the downloads and messages that you have been waiting for and blessings that the Universe has in store for you is important in times like this. 

If you have been applying energy towards something and waiting for it to move forward this may be the time for you to tap into that karmic energy.

This is some candle magick that can help! 

Below is the incantation for your chakras to align with this spell:


  • I AM Rooted & Grounded
  • My Sacral Chakra is Ready to Receive
  • My Solar Plexus is full of Confidence & Strength
  • My Heart is Open to Possibilities
  • My Throat Speaks My Truth
  • My Third Eye is Open to See
  • And My Crown Receives the messages the Universe has for Me