Love Attraction

Hey there Beautiful Souls!  Let’s talk about one of the most famous magical requests when it comes to casting spells!  That would be, YES you guessed it, Love Attraction spell.  

All be it that you may be able to draw in some kind of love, I don’t believe that is the full answer to manifesting the best possible outcome to finding love.

So what's the way to attract the right kind of love?

Here’s what I feel and believe……….the best possible outcome to finding and attracting love is to work on the magick that inspires love from within.  Finding the passion that ignites the frequencies of love.  When you feel the love from within it illuminates outward and this my friends is where the magick happens.  This is how you draw in the love that’s right for you. 

Your energy signature is specific to you and only you, so when you send out those pheromones along with your aura magnified, it attracts what is the same frequency.  Like attracts like.  So casting a little candle magick to manifest the passion inside of you is the key.

My Testimony!

Let me share a quick story………..I had my love attraction blend that I have used for a few years now and it was time to amplify the ingredients for some extra mojo.  So that’s just what I did, and let me tell you after using it in some candle magick setting intentions for the passion within and feeling the love (along with some other intentions that also manifested, but I will keep it rated PG here, wink wink) I received in the witching hours downloads of instructions, inspiration, clarity and some mojo.  Even after a night of no sleep, I got up that morning feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world

If you want to check out the video where I discuss the love attraction blend and do some candle magick CLICK HERE.

My Testimony!

So I want to leave you with this, Beautiful Souls!  Find the passion inside you and that is how you manifest a Love Attraction.

If you want to use the very same Love Attraction blend I used, you are in luck!  I have just uploaded it to my NEW witchy shop, The Darklight Enchantments.  There will be another batch created, however the quantities are limited currently so don’t miss out.

Blessings of Love to you All

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