My Spiritual Intuitive Journey

Hi there magical beings, my name is Aradia Arcanum aka, “The Witch of Darklight”.

Let me tell you a little bit about my journey.  Gaze into the looking glass of my story, the path to now.

Growing up, I always had this feeling deep inside me, even as a very small child that I was different from others. Now this may be something you hear every spiritual worker say, I know trust me it sounds a bit corny when I say it.  But nonetheless here we are lol.  It’s the truth of those who have felt the connection from so young.

I could sense things that others couldn’t, feel energies in a room, and hear whispers that no one else seemed to pick up on. It was like I had a secret that I couldn’t share with anyone, and it made me feel like an outcast. As a kid and even an adult, this can have you feeling like something is wrong with you.

But as I got older, I realized through many, many life lessons and educating myself in esoteric teachings, that my awareness to the existence of things beyond, was not something to be ashamed of or hidden away. They were something to be celebrated and explored.

So I started down a path with my curiosity, pen and paper, learning to  meditation techniques and other spiritual practices to help me develop my abilities and gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual world. And let me tell you, it was an adventure like no other! I started with astrology, and oh my gosh, I was hooked! The idea that the position of the planets and stars could influence a person’s life and even the power of your magic, blew my mind, and I spent hours poring over books and charts, trying to understand how to read a person’s astrological map.

And then I discovered tarot, and it was like a whole new world opened up to me. I felt this deep connection to the images on the cards and was fascinated by the way they seemed to provide insight into a person’s life. 

But it didn’t stop there! I was drawn to reiki next, then becoming a reiki master and it was a game-changer. The power of this practice to promote physical and emotional healing was simply amazing, and I was in awe of its ability to help people release emotional blocks and find a sense of peace and calm.

And then I continued my journey with the art of energy work through the tuning forks and other healing modalities, learning about the chakras and how they can affect a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. I practiced various energy healing techniques, such as crystal healing and aura cleansing, to help people balance their energy and find a sense of harmony within themselves.

Before I continue let me also add that in the midst of all this learning, I joined a Coven! 

It taught me so much about magick and how to implement spiritual practices in my life. 

It gave me a foundation!

Along this journey I even felt the inspiration to step into the world of Herbology and have a foundational understanding of what the earth provides us and how we can use it. This gave me the tools to help craft the enchanted botanical blends!

After having the schooling I now have a greater love for herbs, roots and plants and how to use them to elevate spiritual practices.

And you know what? Through my studies and practices, I became a well-rounded spiritual intuitive, able to use my knowledge and gifts to help people in a variety of ways. It was like everything I had learned had its own unique benefits, and it was important to have a diverse range of skills and practices to help people on their spiritual journeys.


But also most importantly within the name, “The Witch of Darklight,” lies the essence of my teachings that transcend the conventional notions of good and evil. In essence, the core of my instruction revolves around the understanding and integration of polarities within the singular source a delicate balance that exists between the  realms of light and dark. 

I take all the things I have learned through teachings and experience and help others on their path to awareness.

Things I love

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What Customers Are Saying

I want to thank you sooo much!!

I want to thank you sooo much!! I have never had a direct loud and clear message from a spirit this strong. I feel very assured to start looking into working with them. I’m always cautious to work with deties I don’t know about out of respect to not do something wrong, but I feel safe that they have called me through you. Thank you Aradia truly.

Elisheba A

This is great

This is great, thank you so much! I really enjoyed this today, makes sense of so many different people that I’ve known, jobs I have had, never felt I belonged anywhere now I understand why 😁💜

Thanks again

Lorraine A

I would highly recommend!

“Your witchy video tutorial has aided me in my craft to new levels of vision in my studies.
I would highly recommend anyone to sign up.”

Vernie J

My reading was awesome!

“My reading was awesome! Eerily accurate and so fascinating! I learned a lot about myself while at the same time confirming things I innately knew. Overall, the reading helped me to realize more about myself on a soul level and validated to me that I’m on my true path. I feel more confident and excited to continue working toward my goals, knowing they are part of my own personal Divine Plan. And I loved Aradia! She’s so sweet.“

Jessica G

She’s very intuitive.

“Aradia read me like a book!!
She’s very intuitive and precise when it comes to her spiritual readings.”

Vernie J

Great reading!

“This astro reading gave me the direction needed. Aradia is so sweet and understanding which helped ease my nerves. It was like she was in my head lol.
I needed this and absolutely recommend getting a reading with her!”

Josephine Q

Definitely will be coming back for more!

“I was hesitant at first but omg after the session was over,
I walked away with so many questions answered. Definitely will be coming back for more because this can help with planning and goal setting. And such great prices.”

Denise M

Arcanum provides all the details one needs to grow in their craft!

“I have received multiple spiritual readings from Aradia in which she was highly accurate, helpful and personal! I have also taken her video course/courses where the information taught is concise and worldly. Many teachers of witchcraft hold back a lot of important information but Arcanum provides all the details one needs to grow in their craft! Wherever you lie on the witchy spectrum, whether more“light” or more“dark”, Aradia has the tenure and you need to expand on your practice!”

Jharline O