Mercury Retrograde

Navigating Mercury Retrograde with Spiritual Techniques in Witchcraft:
Tips for Communication, Protection, and Grounding

Mercury retrograde is a well-known astrological phenomenon that occurs three times a year, when the planet Mercury appears to be moving backward in its orbit. It’s associated with disruptions and challenges in communication, technology, and travel, and can be a time of frustration and confusion for many people. However, in spirituality and witchcraft, there are various techniques that can help us navigate through Mercury retrograde with greater ease and grace.

During Mercury retrograde, it's common to experience difficulties with things like:

  • Communication: Misunderstandings, unclear messages, arguments, and conflicts can arise during this time.
  • Technology: Electronic devices may malfunction or break down, making it difficult to communicate and do work.
  • Travel: Delays, cancellations, and miscommunications can make travel plans more challenging than usual.
  • Contracts and Agreements: Signing contracts and making important decisions can be more difficult during Mercury retrograde because of the potential for misunderstandings and miscommunications.

The shadow phases of Mercury retrograde

The shadow phases of Mercury retrograde refer to the period of time before and after the actual retrograde period when Mercury appears to be moving backward in its orbit. During the pre-retrograde shadow phase, which lasts about two weeks, Mercury begins to slow down in its orbit, and we may start to feel the effects of Mercury retrograde before it officially begins. 

During the post-retrograde shadow phase, which also lasts about two weeks, Mercury begins to pick up speed again, and we may need to deal with the aftermath of any miscommunications or misunderstandings that occurred during the retrograde period.

Here are some spiritual techniques that can help us navigate through Mercury Retrograde and its shadow phases:


  1. Communication Spells: Mercury retrograde is associated with miscommunications and misunderstandings, so spells and rituals that focus on clear communication and effective expression can be helpful. This could involve lighting a blue candle, which is associated with communication, or performing a visualization to clear any energetic blockages that may be hindering our communication.
  2. Protection Spells: Mercury retrograde can be a time of chaos and disruption, so it’s important to protect ourselves energetically. This could involve carrying a protective crystal, such as black tourmaline or hematite, or casting a protection spell to create a protective barrier around ourselves.
  3. Cleansing and Clearing: Mercury retrograde can also be a time of heightened emotions and tension, so it’s important to cleanse and clear our energy regularly. This could involve smudging with sage or palo santo, taking a salt bath, or performing a visualization to release any negative or stagnant energy.
  4. Grounding and Centering: Grounding and centering techniques can help us stay calm and balanced during periods of stress and chaos. This could involve spending time in nature, focusing on our breath, or visualizing ourselves rooted to the earth. One grounding practice that can be particularly effective is the Tree Meditation, where you imagine yourself as a tree with roots that stretch deep into the earth and branches that reach up to the sky.

Mercury retrograde and its shadow phases can be challenging, but with the right spiritual techniques in witchcraft, we can navigate through this time with greater ease and grace. By focusing on clear communication, protection, cleansing and clearing, and grounding and centering, we can prepare ourselves energetically and emotionally for any challenges that may arise during Mercury retrograde.

Remember, this is a time to slow down, reflect, and reconnect with ourselves and our spiritual practices, so embrace the opportunity to deepen your connection with the divine and trust that everything will unfold as it should.