ritual magick

Spiritual Practices

Rituals are an act of a dedicated practice that we all have in our spiritual lives as well as the mundane.  

Ritual Magick, however is so much more because it is set with intention to produce and manifest an outcome utilizing spiritual techniques.


Ritual & Rites

Ceremonies are occasions that are extremely formal and consist of a series of actions performed in a structured manor.  

Ceremonial Magick is much different from your basic ritual, as rituals aren’t as formal in nature and is an amalgamation older occult teachings. One would consider ceremonial rituals to be an extension of ritual magick. 

For example a ritual magick may consist of simply meditating and lighting a candle with intent.  Rituals is more often considered something that is a dedicated part of a practice and more nature based.

A ceremonial ritual requires more in-depth planning, which would entail timing, a system of magick, the right tools and a dedicated space. Ceremonial Magick is considered, “High Magick” and usually involves the evoking of spirits or invocation.

Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa (1486-1535) was believed to be where this term ceremonial magic derived from.  A German polymath who was renowned for his written occult philosophy written works published in 1533.  Check out his written works, Three Books of Occult Philosophy.

Ceremonial Rites are more for rites of passage or achievement of the next phase or level of a path.  For example, some kind of baptism, school graduation or rites to eldership.

Ritual Tools

In traditional forms of magickal practices, there are ritual tools generally used. Some tools have been used in the occult world for many years dating back to ancient civilizations like Egypt. Tools like the dagger and a ritual mace along with incense were widely used by the Egyptians.

Tools commonly used

other tools not commonly used today

Casting A Circle

In the occult world of magickal practitioners, casting a circle is for the purpose of creating a sacred space, a form of protection.  This can also be created to contain the energy within.

This is usually a visual representation but can be drawn physically typically with salt, chalk or sometimes flour.

Using flour is a form of circle protection that dates back to Mesopotamia called Zisurru.  As a practitioner of magick it is important to understand these methods.

Evocation & Invocation

Evoke – To call forth, conjure a spirit or entity. This method is generally for needing the aid of the particular attribute(s) of the spirit or energy being called forth.

Invocation – To call inside, conjure a spirit or entity, usually with the intent of possession.  This method is generally for internal evolution or when wanting to merge with the attributes of the spirit being called

Both are done through a system of incantations

Full Moon

The Lunar cycles are a pivotal part of ritual magick.  When the moon has reached around the 29th day of its cycle and appears to us as a full illuminance sphere in the sky, this is when the side of the moon that faces earth is lit up in it full glory.  For occult magicians and practitioners of magick this is when the moons energy to aid us in manifestation is powerful. 

If you follow the moon phases this would be the time to reap what you sow, to harvest your endeavors. 

Taking note of what zodiac the moon is in helps you understand what energies can be manifested.

magick cast during the full moon

When applying the magick of the Lunar energy it is also important to note some astrological aspects.  For example what planets may be conjunct the moon or if the moon is void of course.

New Moon

The New Moon phase and The Dark Moon (the apex right before the moon begins to go into its waxing phase) is a time for new beginnings.  This is the phase when the Moon and Sun have the same ecliptic longitude and is no longer visible to us here on earth.

Also, taking note of what zodiac the moon is in helps you understand what energies can be manifested.

magick cast during the new moon


Online Learning & Community

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