The use of roots in magick, also known as “rootwork,” “hoodoo,” or “folk magick,” traces its origins to a blend of African, Native American, and European spiritual practices that evolved in the Southern United States. Rootwork has its roots in the traditions brought to the Americas by enslaved Africans, combined with the practices of Native American tribes and the magickal beliefs of European settlers.

Roots, herbs, and various natural elements were believed to possess spiritual and magickal properties, and practitioners of rootwork used them in various ways to influence events, protect oneself, or bring about desired outcomes. These practices often involved a deep understanding of the properties of different plants, roots, and minerals, as well as a connection to the spiritual world.

  • Herb and Root Baths: Certain herbs and roots were boiled to create powerful infusions, which were then added to baths for cleansing, protection, or to attract luck and love.
  • Mojo Bags or Gris-Gris Bags: Small bags filled with a combination of roots, herbs, minerals, and other items were created to carry protective or luck-bringing energies. These bags were often carried on the person or placed in specific locations.
  • Candle Magick: Roots and herbs might be added to candles to enhance their magickal properties. As the candle burned, the energies of the roots and herbs would be released, aiding in the manifestation of intentions.
  • Powders and Dusting: Ground roots and herbs could be used to create powders that were blown or sprinkled in specific areas to achieve desired effects, such as protection or the removal of negative energies.
  • Spiritual Cleansing and Protection: Some roots were used in rituals and spells aimed at cleansing oneself or one’s space from negative energies, hexes, or curses.
  • Love and Attraction Spells: Specific roots were used to attract love, romance, or desired partners. These could be incorporated into various rituals and charms.
  • Hexing and Cursing: Some practitioners also used roots in hexes or curses against their enemies.