Do You Have Self Confidence In Your Magick?

Many struggle with having the self confidence in magick to achieve goals.  This no doubt can come from being told or made to feel throughout your life you are inadequate.

There are some ways you can work through this but the most successful for me is conquering my fears.  Yes, this is a mighty task but absolutely achievable!

For example, if you have a fear of public speaking, well what do you do?  You Speak.  It can be three words like, “I am free” start there and work your way up to telling your story to the world.

In this day and age we have ease of access to speak to the world. 

Create a Reel or Short video and speak those words, “I am free”.  You will find that over time it gets easier and easier.

The feeling of anxiety can come for those just even thinking about their fear and having to conquer it.  This is why it’s essential to take baby steps.

Steps To Building Your Confidence

Some spiritual routines that can be taken, are working on having an energetic balance and by that I mean let no one area of your life consume you.

Disassociate from anything that makes you feel less than what you really are.  

If you scroll and see someone’s social page and you suddenly have thoughts of not having achieved your goals and the energy of feeling like a failure overtakes you, well remove the source by unfollowing.  

This is not done in a manner of dislike but for your emotional well being on your path to conquer your fear.  

Surround yourself with what makes you feel powerful and uplifting.

Another way I conquer my fears from plaguing my thoughts is doing things that make me laugh.  Sounds simple but when I watch my favorite comedians, my laughter overtakes any thoughts.  In those moments I am filled with the emotional vibration of happiness.  

This breaks the frequency of fear and by continuing a routine such as this, fear grows smaller and smaller until there is freedom.

Speak, live, become and be your truth!

Here is a short video where I prepare some candle magick for the Leo Full Moon.  However, this is candle magick that can be done at anytime during a waxing moon phase.   

The candle magick addresses building your confidence!

Ritual Incantation

Below is the incantation I created to go along with the candle magick or just to speak in meditation or as your affirmation.

I AM Rooted & Grounded

My Sacral Chakra is Ready to Receive

My Solar Plexus is full of Confidence & Strength

My Heart is Open to Possibilities

My Throat Speaks My Truth

My Third Eye is Open to See

And My Crown Receives the messages the Universe has for Me

May you conquer your fear and may your self confidence be strong!

And remember…… I AM FREE