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Through a blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary insights, Serpentia Divina presents transformative practices crafted to lead you on an awakening journey of empowerment. Within our nurturing space, individuals are encouraged to connect with and fully embrace their feminine cosmic essence.

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Divine Archetypes

The significance and symbolism of divine feminine archetypes throughout history.


Reprogramming Beliefs

Techniques for deconditioning and reprogramming limiting beliefs about femininity and sexuality.


Historical Figures

The stories and cultural contexts surrounding historical feminine figures such as Sophia, Scarlet Women, and The Great Whore.


Tantric Embrace

Practices to embrace and celebrate your sexuality through tantric techniques and rituals.


Sex Magick

Understanding the TRUE power of sex magick in spirituality and what it really means.


Ecstatic Practices

Methods for experiencing ecstatic practices and expanding consciousness through subtle body awareness

What Is Serpentia Divina?

Serpentia Divina, “Divine Serpent” or “Sacred Serpent” is a concept that represents the divine serpent or snake, often symbolizing wisdom, transformation, and renewal in various spiritual and mythological traditions. It embodies the dual nature of serpents, representing both the creative and destructive forces of nature. In some belief systems

In the context of the course, “Serpentia Divina” embodies a symbolic and transformative journey, suggesting a sacred space or condition where participants explore the ancient ceremonies of sex magic. The term reflects a profound connection with the Shakti within, a symbolic representation of vital energy and spiritual awakening in various mystical traditions. 

Through “Serpentia Divina” individuals are invited to delve into the mysteries of these ancient rituals, breaking away the chains to the power of the serpent, and embracing their inner wisdom, sensuality, and transformative energies.

The Gnosis

Deconditioning the Feminine Narrative

  • Deconstructing Demonization
  • Rediscovering Historical Women
  • Reclaiming Feminine Power

Practical Exercise: Empowerment Vision Board

Understanding your Intuition

  • Your Intuition and its Connection to Inner Wisdom
  • Meditation for Inner Exploration
  • Working with Archetypes
  • Journaling for Self-Reflection

Practical Exercise: Inner Wisdom Visualization

Through Tantric Practices

  • Principles of Tantra
  • Techniques for Connection
  • Spiritual Growth Through Tantric Practices
  • Awakening the Serpent Within
  • Introduction to Sex Magick

Practical Exercise: Sacred Sensuality Ritual

Subtle Body and Energy Channels

  • Exploring Ecstatic Practices
  • Understanding the Subtle Body
  • Integrating Ecstatic Practices and Subtle Body Awareness

Practical Exercise: Sensory Awareness Practice

Release the old paradigm

Within the teachings of Serpentia Divina, there is a profound emphasis on releasing the old paradigm to make way for personal transformation and spiritual evolution. This release involves letting go of outdated beliefs, societal conditioning, and patterns of behavior that no longer serve one’s highest good. By shedding these layers of the old self, individuals can open themselves to new possibilities, insights, and experiences.

Serpentia Divina teaches that the serpent, symbolizing primal energy and wisdom, can guide individuals through this process of release and renewal. Just as the serpent sheds its skin to grow, practitioners are encouraged to shed limiting beliefs and embrace their true essence.

This release is not only about letting go of the past but also about reclaiming personal power and authenticity. It involves stepping into one’s true self and aligning with the divine feminine energy that flows through all aspects of life. By releasing the old paradigm, individuals can embrace a new way of being that is aligned with their deepest truths and aspirations, leading to profound personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Serpentia Divina is for individuals who are seeking to reconnect with their inner power, explore the depths of their psyche, and undergo a transformative spiritual journey. It is open to anyone who resonates with the symbolism and teachings of the serpent as a symbol of wisdom, renewal, and spiritual evolution.

Yes, this course is designed to be accessible to beginners while also offering depth for those who are more experienced in spiritual practices. It provides a foundational understanding of Serpentia Divina principles and practices, making it suitable for those new to the philosophy.

Serpentia Divina is not tied to any specific religious or spiritual tradition. It draws inspiration from various mythologies, philosophies, and esoteric teachings that recognize the serpent as a symbol of wisdom and spiritual awakening.

Serpentia Divina can help you in your spiritual journey by offering a framework for self-discovery, personal growth, and spiritual empowerment. It encourages you to explore the depths of your psyche, embrace change and transformation, and connect with the divine within and around you.

While there are no rigid practices or rituals associated with Serpentia Divina, individuals may incorporate elements such as meditation, energy work, and symbolic representations of the serpent into their spiritual practice. These practices are meant to deepen one’s connection to the principles of Serpentia Divina and enhance their spiritual experience.

After completing the course, participants can expect to have a deeper understanding of themselves, their connection to the divine feminine, and the transformative power of embracing the serpent archetype. They will have practical tools and practices to continue their spiritual journey and integrate Serpentia Divina principles into their daily lives.

After completing the course, participants can deepen their practice by engaging in regular rituals, meditations, and self-reflection inspired by Serpentia Divina teachings. They can also seek out community or online resources to connect with others following a similar path and continue their learning and growth.

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