The Consultation

What I Do

I serve as a vessel for messages and communications from spirit and tune into the client’s energy and connect with their spirits for insights into the client’s past, present, and future, offering guidance and support to help them navigate their path forward.
One of the things that is important to me is having a compassionate approach in creating a safe and nurturing space for my clients. I understand that many people come to me feeling vulnerable and unsure, and I  work hard to make them feel at ease.

How I Do It

Everything has an energy signature!
I am deeply committed to being connected to the energy of the universe and the spirit realm. Through various practices, I work to raise my vibration and tune into the frequency of the spirit realm.
One of the key practices that I use to connect energetically with the spirit realm is meditation and energy work accessing higher states of consciousness. 

What to expect

The consultations are to provide you with guidance and the tools necessary for the path forward.

It is not meant to be the solution but instead for you to obtain the knowledge, guiding you to awareness.

After purchasing the Consult, within 24hrs you will receive an email to communicate scheduling the best time for the appointment and to express your needs.

Each Consult will be held Live Via Zoom

The Consultation

Spiritual Consult

Mentoring the path forward.  

$ 50 /1 Hour