Super New Moon & Magickal Tips

Super New Moon & Magickal Tips

What is a Super New Moon?

Super Full & New Moons are considered as such because it is near its closest point to Earth

In 2020, the first of 3 New Supermoons is, Thursday, September 17,  followed by 2 more New Supermoons, Friday, October 16, and then the final one of this year 2020 is Sunday, November the 15th.

The Super New Moon on the 15th of November in Scorpio which is going to be a deeply emotional but also deep healing time.

Scorpio is a Water Sign – Deep emotions and passionate and assertive people. They are determined and decisive, and will research until they find out the truth.

Things that we push down deep within,  come to the surface during celestial energies like this one.  Our emotions will be at a heightened state.  Under this Scorpio Super New Moon we are given the opportunity to address our deep darkest emotions

As we go into the depths of the dark Scorpio waters, while it may not be a comfortable feeling, it is most definitely necessary for our healing.

Here are a few Super New Moon magickal tips:

  • Sit and meditate on things that have caused you pain, in the past and present.  Recall some of those emotions that may be what hinders you from growth on your magickal path.  And don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be your entire life’s memories, just the ones that have been making their way to the surface in this stage of your life.  The Universe gives us these moments throughout our lives to aid us in healing, so you will have the opportunity to utilize this energy on your next level of evolution.

  • Once you have meditated and acknowledged some of those things that do not serve you for the greatest good, write them down.  Take a small paper the size of a sticky post it note, and fill it with the words that describe what you want to release.  Fold the small paper (each fold, facing away from you, with the intent of the negative energy leaving), and in a fire safe bowl, burn the paper.  Please use safety precautions like performing this action outside, and if outside is not an option in that moment make sure your space is cleared and you keep an eye on the bowl.  While burning visualize those emotions releasing from you and into the flame. 


  • Next, take a Blue Candle and carve the words that stand for the positive emotions that will replace the negative ones released (if you only have a glassed candle write the words with a marker on the glass). For example, rejection is released and loved is the word that will replace it.  After you have carved the words, take a moment and visualize the emotions that those positive words make you feel, like happy, loved, power and success.  When you have achieved the positive emotional state, light the candle.  Depending on what type of candle you are using, let it burn completely, you can snuff the fire out and resume the next day.  Whether continuously without snuffing or lit daily, it must burn all the way for the full working.


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