Jharline O

“I have received multiple spiritual readings from Aradia in which she was highly accurate, helpful and personal! I have also taken her video course/courses where the information taught is concise and worldly. Many teachers of witchcraft hold back a lot of important information but Arcanum provides all the details one needs to grow in their…

Denise M

“I was hesitant at first but omg after the session was over,I walked away with so many questions answered. Definitely will be coming back for more because this can help with planning and goal setting. And such great prices.”

Josephine Q

“This astro reading gave me the direction needed. Aradia is so sweet and understanding which helped ease my nerves. It was like she was in my head lol.I needed this and absolutely recommend getting a reading with her!”

Jessica G

“My reading was awesome! Eerily accurate and so fascinating! I learned a lot about myself while at the same time confirming things I innately knew. Overall, the reading helped me to realize more about myself on a soul level and validated to me that I’m on my true path. I feel more confident and excited…