The Black Candle

The black candle holds special significance in my life as a Witch, and I consider candles an essential part of my home. Among the various candle colors I keep on hand, black is one that I always make sure to have available. Its presence carries a profound meaning and serves various purposes in my spiritual practice, including protection, banishing negativity, and facilitating introspection during meditation and divination. The black candle’s energy connects me with the mysteries of the universe and aids in my exploration of the hidden aspects of myself and the spiritual realms.

In my practice, I have discovered the importance of utilizing a black candle to safeguard the energy during spell casting. Within the magickal community, black is widely recognized as a potent symbol of protection. Thus, I incorporate black candles as a means to fortify the intention and ensure a shield against negative influences. For instance, when casting prosperity spells, I combine black candles with green ones to create a powerful synergy that not only enhances abundance but also acts as a barrier against any potential obstacles that could hinder the manifestation process. This method allows me to channel the protective energies of the black candle while amplifying the intentions of the spell, ultimately leading to more potent and effective outcomes.


Let’s look at the Science of the color black

The science of color is a fascinating field known as colorimetry. When it comes to the color black, several scientific principles contribute to its appearance and perception.

Here are some of the key aspects of the science of the color black:

  1. Absorption of Light: Color is a visual perception resulting from the way light interacts with objects. Black objects appear black because they absorb most, if not all, visible light that strikes them. When light hits a black object, the object’s surface materials and structure absorb the incoming photons across the visible spectrum (colors from violet to red), making it appear dark.

  2. Lack of Reflection: Unlike lighter-colored objects that reflect different wavelengths of light, black objects reflect very little light. In other words, they have low albedo, which is the measure of how much light an object reflects. Instead of reflecting light, black objects convert the absorbed light energy into heat, which is why they can feel warmer when exposed to sunlight.

  3. Pigments and Dyes: The color of an object, including black, can be influenced by the pigments or dyes used in its composition. For instance, artists and manufacturers may use carbon-based pigments, such as carbon black, to create black colors. These pigments are excellent absorbers of light across the visible spectrum, resulting in a black appearance.

  4. Black as the Absence of Color: In the additive color model used in digital displays, black is considered the absence of color. When all three primary colors (red, green, and blue) are combined at full intensity, they create white light. In contrast, when there is no light or when all color channels are set to zero intensity, the result is black.

  5. Black in Astrophysics: In astronomy and astrophysics, black is related to black holes. A black hole is a region in space where gravity is so intense that nothing, not even light, can escape its pull. It appears black because it does not emit or reflect any light.

  6. Black in Optics: In optics, black is used in various applications, such as absorbing unwanted light in telescopes or cameras, creating optical baffles to prevent stray light in optical systems, and minimizing reflections in certain devices.

Using the Black Candle

Using the black candle in your spells and rituals make for a powerful statement.  In many cases you have reached a point where you need to take action to protect.  Or it simply is a means of adding additional power to your magickal workings.

Here are some common ways black candles are used in witchcraft:

  1. Protection: Black candles are often used for protection spells and rituals. Lighting a black candle can create a protective barrier, ward off negative energy, and help keep harmful influences at bay.

  2. Banishing and Removing Negativity: Black candles can be used to banish negative energies, thoughts, or unwanted influences. Burning a black candle while visualizing what you wish to remove from your life can be an effective way to release and cleanse.

  3. Absorbing Energy: Due to its association with absorbing energy, a black candle can be used in rituals where you want to take in and store particular energies for later use.

  4. Meditation and Divination: Black candles can aid in deep meditation and enhance psychic abilities during divination practices. They are believed to help you connect with your subconscious mind and the spiritual realms.

  5. Transformation and Change: Black candles can be used to represent transformation and change. Lighting one during times of transition can symbolize letting go of the old and embracing the new.

  6. Communication with the Ancestors: In certain practices, black candles are used to honor and communicate with ancestors and spirits. They can serve as a link between the physical world and the spiritual realm.

  7. Dark Moon Magick: Black candles are commonly used during the dark moon phase, which is the period when there is no visible moon in the sky. This phase is associated with introspection, shadow work, and exploring the deeper aspects of oneself.

  8. Binding Spells: Black candles can be utilized in binding spells, where the intention is to bind or restrict someone from causing harm. However, it’s essential to approach this kind of magic with caution and ethical consideration.

  9. Samhain and Other Festivals: During Samhain (a pagan festival marking the end of the harvest season), as well as other festivals and ceremonies, black candles may be incorporated to symbolize the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Instructions to the prosperity spell with the use of the black candle:

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 Green Taper Candle
  • 4 Black Taper Candle
  • Botanicals for Prosperity (ex. Catnip, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Patchouli) These can be oils and/or dried plants
  • Optional: Money/Prosperity Oil

Preparing your space and supplies:

Cleanse your space however you feel comfortable.  The most used technique is cleansing by smoke with an incense that has the properties of protection like sage or rosemary and resins like frankincense and copal.  If smoke is something that bothers you no worries, you can use other means like verbally speaking to create a circle or call in your deities and the aid of planetary energies for example Jupiter is a wonder planet to work with for prosperity.

After you have cleansed your space you want to hold your candles to bless them with your intent and purpose.  This will charge them and prepare them for the magickal working.  Spending time in preparation helps tremendously, it sets the tone and even prepares your mind.  

I find it helps in preparation to set the tone with some music (that is specific to either the spell or ritual being worked or an instrumental that gets me to a higher state of frequency) and the ambience of the room or space with incense and candles.  Whatever you find that helps you alter the state of your mind in preparation for the magick.

Steps To Prepare the Spell Candles:

Dress your green candle with your dried botanical of choice (1 or more is fine). 

If you do not have an enchanted oil blend for prosperity/money, then olive oil is fine to help the dried herbs or plants stick to your candle.



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