The Dark Moon Phase

The Dark Moon for some is often associated with the New Moon as one in the same.  However, I believe the Dark Moon is its own specific power.

The New Moon is technically ignited when the first slither of the moon begins to show itself meaning it is more than 0% illuminated.  As for the Dark Moon, these are the moments when you can look up at the sky and see total darkness.  The Moon is at 0% illumination!

Dark Moon Energy

When you think about 0% illumination, this is the darkness where you can sit in moments of reflection without any interference.   For some the thought of darkness can be scary as the world has taught us to fear the darkness.  But for me I find this is the place where you can regroup and recharge.

Associations with the Dark Moon Energy are:

  • Thoughts of Reflection
  • Pausing
  • Understanding
  • Resting
  • Self-Love
  • Letting Go & Clearing the old
  • Observation

The moments in which you recall things that do not belong

Why is the Dark Moon Important

The Dark Moon is the time to go into the void and prepare yourself for the next cycle of new beginnings that the New Moon brings.  Having the moments to reflect and release can better equip you to navigate the next cycle. 

Meaning when you take that time to recall by thinking of maybe things that may have not gone the way you felt they should have or you are ready to start a new job or business venture, you have a sense of direction.  You have released things that may have hindered the new journey.

Dark Moon Journals

Journaling the process of the Dark Moons is very healing!  Writing out on a piece of paper makes it a realization and when you go back and look at what was written you can see the levels of growth.  Looking back at these notes can also show you some of your patterns and help you through a shadow working process.

Dark Moon Ritual

Having a Dark Moon ritual practice is a wonderful opportunity to align with shadow work.  Some may find it difficult to understand how to do Shadow Work, so working with the Dark Moon by journaling and creating a ritual practice is perfect.  The Dark Moon is all about going deep within, it reminds me of going into the deep waters and exploring the Akashic Records where you can recall and learn.

Here is a video of one of my Dark Moon Rituals