The Egyptian Sky Goddess Nut

In Egyptian mythology, Nut (also known as Nuit or Neith) is a prominent goddess associated with the sky, the cosmos, and the passage of time. She is often depicted as a woman arched over the earth, her body adorned with stars and her limbs stretching across the heavens. 

Nut is considered the mother of the gods and plays a vital role in the creation and renewal of life.

Nut's mythology is intertwined with the story of her children, particularly Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Horus.


Osiris: Osiris is one of the most important gods in Egyptian mythology. He is the god of the afterlife, resurrection, and fertility. Osiris is associated with the Nile River, which brings life and abundance to the land. He is often depicted as a mummified figure wearing a crown with ostrich feathers. Osiris symbolizes the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, and he presides over the judgment of souls in the underworld.


Isis is a powerful goddess known as the “Mother of the Pharaohs” and the divine mother of Horus. She is the goddess of magic, healing, fertility, and motherhood. Isis is often depicted as a woman wearing a throne-shaped headdress or as a protective deity with outstretched wings. She possesses great magical knowledge and is revered for her ability to resurrect and heal. Isis is also associated with the moon and the nurturing aspects of femininity.

Seth (or Set)

Seth is a complex and controversial deity in Egyptian mythology. He is the god of chaos, desert storms, and the wild forces of nature. Seth is often portrayed as a powerful and aggressive figure with the head of an animal, such as a jackal or an unidentified creature called the Set animal. Despite his association with chaos, Seth also serves as a protector of the sun god Ra and plays a role in defending the order of the cosmos.


Horus is an important god associated with kingship, protection, and the sky. He is the son of Osiris and Isis and is often depicted as a falcon-headed deity or as a falcon wearing a crown. Horus is seen as the embodiment of the pharaoh and serves as a symbol of divine kingship. He is known for his battles against Seth to avenge his father’s death and reclaim his rightful place as ruler. Horus represents justice, spiritual insight, and the eternal struggle between order and chaos.

The Myth of Nut(Nuit)

According to the myth, Nut was initially married to her brother Geb, the god of the earth. However, their father, the god Ra, forbade them from being together. Undeterred, Nut and Geb sought the help of the god Thoth, who gambled with the moon god Khonsu and won five additional days to add to the Egyptian calendar. During these extra days, Nut gave birth to Osiris, Isis, Seth, Nephthys, and Horus.

Nut’s association with the sky symbolizes the concept of eternity and the cyclical nature of life. She is often depicted as a nurturing and protective goddess, embracing and nourishing the earth with her celestial presence. Nut is believed to hold the sun in her body during the night, giving birth to it each morning and swallowing it again in the evening.

Here are some ways to connect with the Goddess Nut's energy:

  • Rituals and Altar Devotion: Set up an altar dedicated to Nut, adorned with images or statues that represent the sky and stars. Light candles or incense as offerings, and spend time in meditation or prayer to connect with her energy.
  • Cosmic Alignment: During celestial events such as meteor showers or lunar eclipses, spend time outdoors under the open sky. Connect with Nut’s energy by gazing at the stars, feeling her vast presence, and aligning yourself with the cosmic energies.
  • Divination and Wisdom: Seek guidance and insights from Nut by incorporating divination practices such as tarot, oracle cards, or scrying. Meditate on her energy and ask for her wisdom to guide you in your spiritual journey.
  • Protection and Nurturing: Call upon Nut for protection and nurturing during times of challenge or uncertainty. Visualize her celestial embrace enveloping you, providing comfort, strength, and guidance.
  • Creative Inspiration: Tap into Nut’s energy to stimulate your creativity and expand your creative potential. Engage in artistic pursuits, writing, or any form of self-expression, inviting Nut’s influence to inspire and guide your creative endeavors.

A Prayer To The Goddess Nut

“Goddess Nut, vast and boundless sky,
I call upon your presence, soaring high.
With reverence, I seek your cosmic embrace,
Grant me wisdom and guidance in this sacred space.
As your starry canopy stretches wide,
Unveil the mysteries that within you reside.
Wrap me in your nurturing, protective cloak,
And help me rise above life’s earthly yoke.
Goddess of the night, adorned with stars,
Illuminate my path and remove all bars.
Open my mind to the secrets of the universe,
And help me manifest my desires with verse.
With your celestial wisdom, show me the way,
As I navigate life’s journey, day by day.
Guide me through challenges, both near and far,
And bless my endeavors beneath your watchful star.

May your cosmic energy forever be near,
As I honor and work with you, without fear.
By the power of the starry sky above,
May this spell be sealed with light and love.
So mote it be!”

Approach your workings with respect and reverence, honoring Nut’s ancient and powerful energy. Allow yourself to connect with her vastness and the cosmic mysteries she embodies, and be open to receiving her blessings and guidance in your magickal practice.

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