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The Holy Guardian Angel

The Holy Guardian Angel

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Holy Guardian Angel

The Holy Guardian Angel is often considered a guiding force that connects an individual with their higher self, a path to spiritual enlightenment. Derived from ancient wisdom and esoteric mystical traditions, the concept of the Holy Guardian Angel has been a topic of discussion among practitioners of magick within the occult..

Origins and Evolution of the Term

The term “Holy Guardian Angel” emerges from spiritual and religious traditions. Early references trace back to ancient Egyptian spirituality, where the idea of a personal divine guide or protector prevailed. Yet, it was during the Middle Ages and Renaissance that this concept took shape in the Western occult tradition.

In the 17th century, mystics like Heinrich Khunrath and John Dee brought prominence to the term. However, it wasn’t until the 20th century that figures like Aleister Crowley, the British occultist and Thelema founder, fully developed and popularized the concept.

References in the Esoteric Occult

The Holy Guardian Angel holds a central role in many esoteric teachings. It acts as a divine companion residing within the higher self, offering guidance, protection, and insights on the spiritual path. 

In Thelema, Crowley’s spiritual system, the Holy Guardian Angel represents one’s true will—the distinct purpose and destiny each person must uncover and pursue. Attaining Knowledge and Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel is pivotal for self-mastery and enlightenment in Thelemic practice.

The Abramelin Operation

The “Book of Abramelin,” attributed to Abraham of Worms in the 15th century, stands as a renowned text on the Holy Guardian Angel. It presents the complex “Abramelin Operation,” a ritual involving preparation, purification, and invocations. The aim is direct contact with one’s Holy Guardian Angel.

The Abramelin Operation blends Jewish mysticism, Kabbalah, and Christian mysticism, inspiring generations of seekers in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. This demanding process necessitates commitment, dedication, and a profound understanding of esoteric principles.

Abramelin Oil, "The Holy Anointing Oil"

Abramelin oil is a type of ceremonial magical oil that is associated with the grimoire known as the “Book of Abramelin.” The oil is for achieving communication with one’s Holy Guardian Angel.

This oil was adapted from The holy anointing oil that is referenced in the Hebrew Bible (Exodus 30:22-33) and is described as a special oil used for anointing sacred objects and individuals in the context of religious rituals.

The recipe for Abramelin oil is outlined in the book, and the ingredients typically include:

  1. Cinnamon
  2. Myrrh
  3. Galangal
  4. Olive oil (as a base)

The specific proportions and preparation process may vary between different editions or interpretations of the book. Keep in mind that the “Book of Abramelin” is a historical text with mystical and ceremonial significance, and its contents are often interpreted and adapted differently by various practitioners. 

Orison of Abramelin," also known as the "Abramelin Prayer"

This prayer is used as part of the ritual to establish communication with the Holy Guardian Angel. The exact wording of the prayer can vary between different translations and interpretations of the book

Here is an excerpt from the prayer:

“O Lord God, and God of my lord, I conjure Thee, I invoke Thee, and I call upon Thy Name, Tetragrammaton, by the mediation of the Most Holy Angel who is set over the operations of this Secret Wisdom, and by the power of the Most Holy and Undivided Trinity, by and before whom everything is, was, and will be, that Thou give unto me power and virtue that whatsoever I shall desire or ordain in Thy Name may be accomplished speedily and prosperously through Thee, O Most Holy ADONAI, Whose Kingdom endureth forever and ever.”

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