The Lunar Eclipse

Are You Ready For The Lunar Eclipse This Month? 

There will be a Lunar Eclipse (partial) on Friday, November 19, 2021. What does this mean for you? Let’s learn a little about what an eclipse is before we dive into that…

What Is A Lunar Eclipse?

An eclipse of any kind happens when one astronomical body blocks light from one body to another. 

During a lunar eclipse, the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow, which is cast by the Sun. A full lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is momentarily positioned between the Sun and Moon in a straight line. This blocks the Sun from reflecting light upon the Moon and momentarily hides it from view. 

When the Moon passes through the outer part of Earth’s shadow (the penumbra), the light of the Sun is only partly obscured, an the Moon is only slightly dimmed. This is known as a penumbral eclipse.

partial lunar eclipse (the type we will be experiencing this month) occurs when the Earth, Sun and the Moon are not in exact alignment as the Earth passes between both luminaries. A such, only part of the Moon is obscured from our view. 

Lunar eclipses only occur during a full moon, and only if the Moon passes through some portion of Earth’s shadow. There is an average of 2 to 4 lunar eclipses throughout the calendar year. 

Interesting lunar eclipse fun facts…

With every lunar eclipse, there is also a solar eclipse. Solar eclipses occur about two weeks before or after the lunar eclipse.

Eclipse dates for the rest of 2021

  • November 18–19 Lunar Eclipse (Partial): Asia, Australia, North America, South America
  • December 4 Solar Eclipse (Total): Southern Hemisphere 

What Is A Lunar Eclipse In Astrology?

Now let’s talk about the lunar eclipse in astrology! Eclipses are cosmic astronomical occurrences that activate the lunar nodes in our natal chart. In the astrological natal chart, the nodes are located at the highest and lowest point of the moon’s orbit. The first point is the north node (located at the highest point). The second point is the south node (located at the lowest point in the chart).

These nodes, the “Nodes of Fate”, are indicators of our karmic destinies. The north node tells us who we are now. The south node informs us of who we’ve been in other lifetimes. Knowing their placement in our chart gives us this information, which can be utterly transformational in helping us to better understand ourselves. 

What Is The Full Moon’s Name In November?

Here in North America, each Full Moon’s name correlates with a season or an aspect of Native American culture. In November, the Full Moon is called the Beaver or Frost Moon. The term Beaver Moon is derived from Native American culture, indicating when beaver traps were set in November. It’s also when beavers began to fortify their homes for the coming winter. Frost Moon refers to the time of year when the first frost of the season typically arrives. 

The Full Moon In Taurus And The Partial Lunar Eclipse 

The partial lunar eclipse on Friday, November the 19th, 2021 will be taking place 27 degrees of Taurus. The eclipse energy upon this axis of Taurus – Scorpio is all about helping us to understand what is most valuable for us and our greatest good, in our relationship to ourselves and others, and the dreams that we would like to manifest. Worth and loyalty will be in question. Eclipses push out (sometimes whether we like it or not) what hinders our path. This can be uprooting and uncomfortable, but in the end, the removal of unhealthy energies can only benefit us. Our path becomes illuminated and things become clear, and our dreams and goals become attainable.

What Effect Will This Cosmic Alignment Have On Us?

Because this partial lunar eclipse will be taking place in the zodiacal sign Taurus, if your Sun, Moon or Rising sign is in Taurus, you will feel this shift of energy greatly. However, everyone has Taurus somewhere in their birth chart, and where it is placed will be the area of your life that is highlighted during this eclipse.

With the eclipse taking place in Taurus on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, you may want to pay attention to things of value such as finances and health. The Scorpio energy of deep waters will ask us to understand these Taurean themes on deeper levels. 

Lunar eclipses encourage us to let go of things that are no longer serving the soul’s purpose. Because of its cosmic alignment, this lunar eclipse is the perfect time to release adverse health conditions and any kind of financial lack you are experiencing. This is the time to let go, cleanse yourself of the unwanted energies, and say goodbye. And of course, set your intention to enjoy the good health and abundance you’ve cleared the way to receive!

How Can You Be Prepared?

Knowing key alignments in your birth chart is the best way to work with cosmic influences. Where are your Lunar Nodes? What House is your Taurus-Scorpio axis in? What ruling planets are at play for you? The answers to these questions and more, can prepare you for the upcoming challenges that this (or any other) eclipse will bring.

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