The Magick of Black Mirror Scrying


Scrying, an ancient art intertwined with mysticism and spiritual exploration, it is a realm where divination unfolds and ethereal whispers are unveiled.

As practitioners go deep into this ancient practice, they fix their gaze upon a reflective surface, a portal to the unknown. There are different methods of scrying, each with its own enigmatic allure, captivating the seekers of hidden truths.

Black Mirror Scrying Origins

The origins of scrying with a black mirror are intricately woven through the cultures of ancient civilizations—Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Mirrors crafted from polished obsidian or metallic facets wove spells of divination. Within the occult’s veiled corridors, the black mirror ascended, gracing the rituals of ceremonial magick and esoteric practices.

Dr. John Dee and the Black Mirror

Dr. John Dee, a sage of the 16th century bygone eras, a occultist and magician, summoned the shadows using an obsidian mirror, believing it to be the conduit for communion with spiritual entities, bestowing upon him profound insights from beyond.

The black mirror, an enigmatic vessel of scrying, cradles a symbolism profound in its obsidian depths. Its inky hue beckons seekers to focus their gaze, transcending the mundane and clearing their minds. Through this gateway to the subconscious and spiritual realms, profound knowledge hides, awaiting the seeker’s embrace—a sacred whisper in the twilight of revelation.

Within the realm of scrying, here are a few most commonly known methods used:

Obsidian Mirror: Born from volcanic fire, obsidian, a natural glass, emerges as a favored scrying surface. It’s dark countenance, imbued with ancient wisdom, channels spiritual energy, forging a profound connection to the ethereal realm. Deep insights and communion with the spirit world grace those who dare to pierce its onyx veil.

Black Glass Mirror: Sometimes known as “witch mirrors,” these mystical panes of glass cloak themselves in enchantment. Coated with the darkest hue, black enamel or paint, they manifest in contemporary scrying rituals. Their reflective luster echoes secrets from beyond, whispered through the ages.

Polished Metal Mirror: With the sheen of polished metals, brass, silver, or copper, these mirrors bear a different allure. They cast a brighter, ethereal vision upon the seer. Within their gleaming embrace, hidden truths shimmer, inviting seekers to surrender to the dance of illumination.

Another form of Scrying

Scrying with a pendulum and map is another form of divination. This method involves using a pendulum—a weighted object on a string or chain—to receive answers or guidance by interpreting its movements over a map or a series of symbols.The pendulum, adorned with a crystal’s embrace, is poised above the map, its oscillations a language of the unseen. 

In the TV Show “Charmed,” a realm where witches traverse, the pendulum and map entwine fate. In the episode “Scry Hard,” the enchanted sisters employ this very method to trace an elusive criminal’s steps. Suspended over the map, the crystal pendulum casts its enchantments, guiding their gaze toward the criminal’s whereabouts. With each swing and twist, the pendulum whispers secrets, unveiling the next move in the intricate dance of fate.

Protection Methods for Scrying with the black mirror

When engaging in scrying with a black mirror or any other form of divination that involves gazing into the void or other realms, it’s essential to take precautions to protect yourself and maintain a safe and balanced practice. Here are some techniques used to protect yourself from unwanted or negative energies that may come through during scrying:

Cleansing and Grounding: Before each scrying session, practice grounding and cleansing techniques. Ground yourself by connecting with the Earth’s energy, and visualize any excess energy or negativity being released into the ground. Cleansing methods can include smudging with sage, using purifying incense, or sprinkling salt water around your space to clear any negative energies.

Protective Circle: Create a protective circle around yourself and the scrying area. Visualize a circle of white or golden light forming a protective barrier that allows positive energies to enter while keeping out anything harmful or negative.

Set Intentions: Before you begin scrying, set clear and positive intentions. State that you are opening yourself to receive guidance and insights only from benevolent and higher sources, and that you will not allow any negative or harmful entities to enter your space.

Call upon Spirit Guides: Invoke the presence and protection of your spirit guides, guardian angels, or any benevolent beings you believe in. Ask them to surround you with their protective energy and to guide you during your scrying session.

Protective Talismans: Keep protective talismans or crystals nearby while scrying. Crystals like black tourmaline, amethyst, or clear quartz are often used for protection and to enhance positive energies during divination.

Limit Session Time: Avoid prolonged scrying sessions, especially if you are a beginner. Start with short sessions and gradually increase the duration as you become more experienced. This helps prevent mental fatigue and potential vulnerability.

Trust Your Intuition: If at any point during scrying, you feel uncomfortable, uneasy, or sense negative energy, trust your intuition and stop the session immediately. Close the connection, cleanse yourself and your space, and take a break before attempting scrying again.

Draw a Protective Sigil on the Surface with Protection Oils: Prior to your scrying session, anoint the surface of the black mirror with protection oils. Protection oils are often made with herbs and essential oils known for their protective properties. As you apply the oil, focus your intention on reinforcing the mirror’s ability to shield and safeguard against any negative energies or unwanted entities that may attempt to enter your sacred space. With each stroke, visualize the sigil forming, a powerful emblem of protection, glowing with divine energy.  By using protection oils and inscribing a sigil on the surface of the black mirror, you imbue it with an added layer of mystic guardianship. This consecrated mark becomes a potent barrier, guarding the portal between worlds and affirming your intention to invite only benevolent and enlightening energies to partake in your scrying quest.

Close the Session Properly: After each scrying session, close the connection properly. Thank any spirit guides or higher beings that you called upon for protection and guidance. Dismiss any protective circles or barriers you created.

Remember, visions, insights, and messages, whispered through the veils of scrying, are unique to each seeker, influenced by their intuitive prowess. The truths glimpsed within the reflective portals are as diverse as the souls that seek them.

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