The Magick of Spring

It’s that time, when life begins to show itself in the elements of nature.  The change in the winds and subtle breezes.  

We are fast approaching the season of Spring with the earth awakening and magick of March!

Some energies that can be felt are the feelings of new beginnings, hope, passion and creativity.  

The earth’s resonance vibrates with a certain frequency that insights the power of rebirth.

There are many things that are done during this time to help be in alignment with the season’s energy and to take advantage of its growing power.  

Farmers and Gardeners begin or have recently begun to work their magic!  We begin to cleanse our homes and shift the energy by changing curtains, bedding and repotting house plants that have outgrown their pots.

There are other ways to be in alignment with this magickal energy

In this video I share a few things you can maybe add to your list of prepping ideas for the coming Magick of Spring.