The Master Root

The Master Root is an all purpose root filled with magickal attributes for spell casting.  When you are on a low budget and would like something to cover many aspects of magick when working spells and rituals, this is the root for you.  There are others that fall into this category however, I connect well with the energy of this one.  

What Is A Root?

For starters when you think about the word root, it stands for the foundation of something and its stability.  In the botanical world, roots are what connect plants, herbs and trees to earth, the grounding and through the roots some nutrients are provided from within the ground of our world.  Root’s are very strong because they have to hold in place the connection of the outer parts of the botanical worlds with the inner parts of the earth.

Why Are Roots Used In Magick Like Master Root?

Roots have been used in magick for hundreds and even thousands of years because they have always been here with us.  They were used in ancient medicine for their medicinal elements in many cultures.  Hoodoo is a popular source of utilizing the roots in spirituality, as you may have heard the term, “Root Work”.  Root Workers are traditional healers and conjurures of the south that worked with the spirits within natures, plants, herbs and roots.

A few reasons why roots are commonly used in spirituality: 

  1. Connection to Nature
  2. Symbolism and Power
  3. Medicinal and Healing Properties
  4. Ancestral Connections
  5. Versatility
  6. Accessibility

The Master Root

Master Root, also known as Masterwort or Master of the Woods, is a potent and versatile herb used in Hoodoo practices for its commanding and authoritative properties. It is believed to hold the power to dominate and control situations, making it an essential ingredient in various magickal workings.

Two of the most popular ways it is used are:

  1. Commanding and Controlling Spells: Master Root is a key ingredient in spells and rituals aimed at exerting control and influence over situations or individuals. Practitioners often create mojo bags, charm pouches, or doll babies containing Master Root to enhance their personal authority and command over others.

  2. Personal Mastery and Success: Another common use of Master Root is to enhance personal power, self-confidence, and success. Carrying or wearing the root is believed to help individuals tap into their inner strength, achieve personal mastery, and overcome challenges in various aspects of life.

My Favorite Way To Use Master Root

You can use master root in enchanted oils and dried botanical blends (click HERE check out my magick course), but my most loved way of connecting with the Master Roots energy is having a space for it on my altar.  It lends its energy of mastery to my altar space.

Do You Have A Favorite Root?