How To Achieve The Power of Belief In Your Magick

How To Achieve the Power of Belief

A part of our Magick is having the belief in knowing you can manifest your intentions.  Having real true power is believing you can achieve it.  This is why working on who you are and manifesting magick go hand in hand, which is what they mean when they say, “Do the work”.    

Even in Science there is acceptance in the power of belief in the form of Placebo Effect, for example placebo would be a sugar pill that’s used in a control group during a clinical trial. The Placebo Effect is when an improvement of symptoms is observed, despite using a non-active treatment.  What this means is the patients are healed because they believed they were treated accordingly, when in fact the power of their belief in the medicine or treatment given, manifested healing results.

Working up to the power of belief begins with understanding you are capable of achieving even the smallest of tasks.

The List: To Help The Power Of Belief In Your Life

The list below is one of the ways that was instrumental in helping me see I hold the power within me to make things happen.

Write a small list of things you would like to accomplish, nothing big, just everyday mundane tasks.

The list should be small, maybe starting off with 3 things then working your way up to more and bigger tasks. 

Making sure to set dates for the task completion is key, because procrastination is part of breaking the cycle of disbelief.  A lot of the times we procrastinate for fear of things not turning out the way we want or need them to. 

List Example:

  1. Buy a new journal book within 7 days
  2. Tune up for the car –  within 10 days
  3. Restock candles – within 10 days


Notice I gave enough time so it doesn’t become overwhelming.  Once each item is completed, check it off and when all is completed, a job well done.  Give yourself a gold star for the things you accomplish, this helps you become aware of what you manifest daily.  

When you are feeling confident enough to move on to bigger list items, give it a try.  For example, if you are going to purchase a home or looking to move into a new apartment, write out the steps needed to make it happen.  Give yourself a realistic time of completion for each step. Remember there are sometimes unforeseen forces, so if you have to set a new date of completion it’s ok, because even in magick workings things need to be altered to accommodate the unforeseen.

Actively acknowledging the things you have accomplished plants the seed that you are capable.

Sometimes we need that spark of hope to set us on our path to the power of belief.

Do you have a way of acknowledging the things you achieve?

And does it help you to believe in your power to manifest magick?

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