The Use Of Candles In Magick

Candles come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, serving as indispensable tools in Witchcraft for spell work, meditation, rituals, and divination. Most Witches, myself included, incorporate candles into their daily practices not only for their magickal properties but also for the enchanting ambiance they create in any space.


Enhancing Your Craft with The Use of Candles in Your Magick

Candles aren’t just objects of beauty; they possess the power to elevate your mood and transform the atmosphere, fostering a cozy and relaxed environment conducive to magickal endeavors. As mind-altering tools, candles aid in raising the frequency vibrations necessary for manifesting magickal outcomes.


Choosing the Right Candle for Your Intentions

The type, shape, and color of the use of candles in magick depends on the goal of your spell. Each candle serves as a vessel to carry your intent in unique ways, making it essential to select the appropriate one for your desired outcome.

Spell candles, often anointed with oils and adorned with glitter, are charged with the Witch’s intent, brimming with potent energy. Candle magick stands as one of the most widely practiced forms of magick in the Craft, owing to its simplicity and effectiveness.


Common Types of Magickal Candles

Various types of candles find application in magick, including:

– 7 Day Candles (Encased in glass)
– Coach
– Taper
– Pillar
– Skull
– Figure
– Votive
– Tea Light


The Art of Candle Magick

Engaging in candle magick entails more than just lighting a candle and making a wish. The process involves cleansing, dressing, and charging the candle with your intent, aligning it with the appropriate astrological influences and magickal correspondences such as color, symbols, herbs, and oils. Through these practices, the spell’s potency is amplified, paving the way for transformative magickal results.

Incorporate candles into your craft with intention and reverence, and witness the profound impact they have on your magickal workings. Illuminate your path with the flickering flame of possibility, and let your intentions manifest with the aid of these powerful allies.

How do you use candles in your craft?

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