Virgo Full Moon Magick

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The Virgo Full Moon Magick of March 2022 is bringing us the power to manifest our dreams that the energy of the Pisces New Moon brought us. 

Having the Full Moon in Virgo helps us with the ways to take action, because some may not understand the steps to take in making dreams come true.

Connecting with this energy can open up the pathways of understanding the “How To’s” on our path to achieving our goals.

During the Full Moon in Virgo there will be what we call in Astrology, a Grand Trine and this will be taking place in the Earth Signs, making this, a Grand Earth Trine. 

What is a Grand Trine?

A Grand Trine in Astrology is when an energetic connection is formed between the celestial placements and objects that creates what looks like a triangle.

What this means is by having the Grand Trine in the Earth Zodiacs, brings us grounding energy, focus and determination.  With all the attributes of the Full Moon in Virgo this earth energy is what we need to help produce results by mapping out the plan to our dreams.

How to use the Magick of the Full Moon in Virgo

In this Video I share the magical ways I will use the Grand Trine energy during the Full Moon in Virgo. 

Do you have dreams and goals that you are ready to manifest? 

Watch the video to see what magic can help! Sigil Magick and more.......