Video Blogs

Ritual Skull Magic

Working with the Skull for some Mind Magic.  The Skull candle is a great way to help banish bad habit and intrusive re-occurring thoughts.

Breaking Generational Curse & Love Magick

Generational curses is not always something that is obvious! It can for sure be one of the things that prevents you from finding true love when you cast that love magick!

Self Confidence Candle Magic

Everyone at some point in their life needs a little boost of confidence, I know I do! Here is some candle magic to pack a punch of confidence.

Maiden Mother Crone Archetypes

The Maiden Mother Crone aspects in spirituality and how we can tap into their magick. 

A Free Maiden Mother Crone Incantation Ritual Pdf Guide – CLICK HERE

The Voices that stop your magic from manifesting

Learning to determine the voices, whether audible and sensed are coming from and how to conquer them is an important part a witches path, especially when looking to manifest magic.

A List of Wards to Protect Your Home

Some of these I love to use within my home and for myself. These can be applied to your work and office space as well.

Download the list in full detail of the Wards I mention in the video for free – Click Here