My Tools of the Craft

Witchcraft Must Haves!


9 Packs Solfeggio Tuning Fork Set,
Chakra Tuning Forks

I love using my tuning forks for chakra alignments.

You can purchase each Tuning Fork by itself or as a set.

Tuning Forks have been an important part of my spiritual practice.

From $ 84.99

Satya Incense Sticks,
Sandalwood, Black

This is one of my go to incense sticks pack.  

Each morning during my prayer at my altar I light one of these incense sticks to set the tone.

They have other wonderful scents as well, like Dragons Blood Incense.

Great value for the amount of incense sticks that come in the box!

From $ 9.99

Coals Instant Light

Charcoal Disks – Set of 100 Coals.  Quick Light Charcoal Briquettes

These are great and a staple in my witchcraft supplies.

These are self igniting, so very easy to use.  And the size is perfect!

From $10.99

Cast Iron Cauldron w/handle

If you have watched any of my videos or know anything about The Witch of Darklight, you will know that the Cauldron is an absolute must in my magick!

I have a few of these that come in handy within my spiritual practice.

From $15.19

Brass Charcoal Screen Incense Burner with Wooden Coaster

This is great for you to use the charcoal disc on to burn!

Burns incense very well but just make sure you clean it after every use

From $9.44

Shopping for Herbs

Starwest Botanicals

When I first started on the path of building my apothecary of herbal ingredients Starwest Botanicals was and still remains one of my go to herbal bulk shops.

Their supplies are ethically sourced, which is one of things that I love!

From $ (varies)

Monterey Bay Herb Co.

This was the second bulk herb company that I use to source out the right herbal ingredients.  I have used this company for years.

Go over and check out all they have to offer!

From $ (varies)